Recently I did headshots for the company I currently work for. You can see the full page here.
In many cases, I've just been the photographer providing images based on an existing style or requirements. For this shoot, which is a going to part of a full site redesign, I was able to do both the styling and shooting. Here's more of the story and background.


I knew that wrangling the schedules of multiple remote employees would likely be a huge challenge in itself so I grabbed our coordinator and tested some of the ideas in my head so there would be less testing in production.

We went to the coffee shop near the office and grabbed a few shots around the office. We also took a few b-roll style pictures that could be used on the site as our own stock art. Once that was done, we scheduled everyone for an office day and we still missed a couple people.


74bit doesn't have a physical office for everyone. While we have a space that we use for occasional office days and meetings, most work is done onsite at clients and virtually.  Having the photo shoot offsite made sense both because it was consistent with our style and because the conference space we had booked, was being used for something else. 

On the shoot day, we did most of the shooting at Slate Coffee near our office.


I knew this was going to be a production style shoot were I'd only have a few minutes with each team member so I had a few different poses for each to work through that I knew would work.

Pose 1 and 2 were at slight angles to the camera. Pose 3 was a squared off look at the camera. I picked these angles to break up the bio page on the website.  Big idea here was to make the pictures all have a similar look and feel without being the exact same picture. Additionally, I took a few additional pictures around the coffee shop and of the team working to make our own "stock art."

Post Processing

The quick version of this is ... not a lot.

I shot the entire set in color and converted to black and white in post. Here's what the process looked like. I started with some "film look" presets and did a bit of color grading from that, but not very much.


These photos were taken on a Fuji XE1 with the 18-55mm lens. The blurry shots that you see were taken with a vintage Pentax 50mm lens. Portraits were lit with an LED ring light inside of a small softbox. I also used a couple vintage cross hair and soft focus filters on the 50mm lens.