Show Your Work

Impossible Project has been really upping their game of late. Their Yellow and Black Duochrome is probably my new favorite film. The next round is supposed to be green and black. I love the high contrast.

Chastity Svelte and I collaborated on a shoot where we used both packs of film in entirety and show the work. Many shoots show maybe one... or two shots that are great but here's everything. We wanted to show the good with the clunkers. Each pack of film has 8 prints in it.

Here's the full set:

You can start to see the progression here. 

From pack 1, there's a couple test shots to see what we were working with. Each one we had a different lighting idea... but they looked the same on the film. The ones labeled "the shot" were the ones that we thought were the best. Then into pack 2 I had a lighting idea to change things up, that kinda failed. The last two shots of pack 2 were the best. 

For the wardrobe, Chastity picked a bunch of really high contrast looks to highlight the black and yellow in the film. I ended up pairing the camera with my ring light instead of the onboard flash.

We had this as part of a local artwalk ... and took the entire wall.


Looking back, I could have done the show with a couple of the good ones, but I wanted to show what a full photoshoot looked like instead of just one Instagram photo. There's definitely a self-doubting side of me that only likes showing my best... but this wasn't the point of this show.

Here's to showing your work and trying new film straight out of the box.