Faces of Friends

I have a new show up at Broadcast Coffee (1623 Bellevue in Seattle). It's called "Faces of Friends".

These are my friends. I think they are pretty, don’t you?
— a friend

These are some of the many friends I’ve met and taken pictures of over the last four years. Some of these pictures were taken as a quick snapshot and some of these were taken as part of a photoshoot for fashion lines or a portrait session. I cropped these images very similarly and used a very similar color scheme to bring all of these images together. I’ve loved taking pictures of people because, no matter what, everyone has an interesting story. I hope you can spot at least one person you recognize.


Are these pictures for sale? No, but you can contact me to collude / collaborate / hire. I love new ideas.

Why isn’t everyone smiling? You know that scene in Zoolander where Mugatu accuses Derek of ONE LOOK? Same thing here. People have … many faces. Smiling is one of them.

I spotted a pigeon and a dog? Yes.

I'll be posting more details as I figure out art walk details.