A bloody mary

Occasionally I have a really good cooking idea…

This one…. A dirty bloody Mary. I wanted a bloody mary that was was both spicy and had a texture that was … almost chewy without being chunky. I also didn’t want it to taste like V8 or Salsa.


Base - 1 bottle of Trader Joes Garden Patch juice

Modifiers - Worcestershire sauce (enough to cover the bottom of the food processor) - hot sauce (pick something that doesn’t have a strong vinegar taste) - coarse black pepper - 1/2 McClures Spicy pickle (or whole. it’s your drink) - garlic clove from the same pickle jar - hot pepper fom same pickle jar - cucumber - a carrot

Instructions 1. Combine your modifiers in a food processor and blend until it is a bit like a slurry or the carrots are very small chunks but still visible. You may want to add some of the vegetable juice to the food processor to help move the stuff around. 2. Pour the mixture into the vegetable juice bottle. 3. Chill

I’ve found that this this gets better as it sits. Let it sit at least overnight. My current bottle is a few days old and it really mellows out. The McClures pickles are rather spicy and drinking immediately doesn’t let the whole bottle get permeated.

This bloody mary starts with a varied vegetable taste and finishes with a little bit of heat that lingers at the back of the throat.