CalDigit Thunderbolt Dock

Where have you been all my life? Ok. It’s not that great, but it’s super nice. Now the only cables I have plugged into my computer are power and Thunderbolt. Video, sound, USB, and Ethernet are all routed through Thunderbolt.

I’ve tried a few other USB based docks (Kensington and Targus) that were meant for PC and they have worked, but they usually were little more than glorified USB hubs. One of the other docks I tested that was USB based wouldn’t authenticate 802.1x (on the PC it worked fine) and also there was lag in the USB > DVI link. I think this could have been because my Mac only has USB2 so the bandwidth is less than USB3.

This one also automatically did 802.1x and authenticated me to the proper network (my work requires that).

I tested HDMI on the dock and it works great after a bit of fiddling. OSX thought I was plugging in a TV and automatically tried to do some mirroring and a weird refresh rate. After fiddling with the settings, it looked great. I’m currently using the MiniDisplay Port > DVI adapter that was on the computer.

The only detraction is the number of USB ports since one of the other docks I had gave me 6 ports. This only has 3, but it doesn’t take any ports on the laptop, so I can still plug things in there.

Overall, if you are looking for a dock for your Mac, try this one. I like it alot. Here’s a buy link