This is a random rant about Craigslist. Take it or leave it. I occasionally search Craigslist for gigs involving photography. Usually the stuff I find is similar to this:

Family and portrait photographer looking for maternity models. Photos will be used for portfolio.

Portrait photographer looking for female models for a series of non-nude photo essays. Photos would be used for online and print portfolio. CD of selected images and online gallery for your time 

African American woman, and Caucasian women needed for a Hair and Beauty photo shoot, first week of June for an up and coming beauty line. The shoot is non-paid but will undoubtedly lead to exposure. For aspiring models, this is a great photo op. Please reply with a pic. 

I went to craigslist and these were in the top five for gigs that had the word ‘photo’ anywhere in the post. Scrolling through the rest of the posts, this is pretty representative of the types of posts that being posted by photographers. Now… lets look at models… Searching on craigslist for ‘model’ gets me alot of people that are looking for models. 

It really seems like that there are a lot of photographers who are looking for models, but there are not a lot of models that are looking for photographers. It would also seem that there is some sort of expectation when people say “it’s going to be for my portfolio”, that this can be used in lieu of money.

At this point I really am using Craigslist as a source of humor. Usually after posts where photographers or models say something like “I’m looking for pro things for free”, there are a few people that post making fun of the paradox.

Granted, I take pictures for free and for money… but reading some of these posts makes you think that the portfolio is this huge gallery where every picture ever taken can go. Also, there are posts on Craigslist for legitimate work…. but these are pretty sparse compared the amount of other things.

At some point photographers/models should just move on from the portfolio mode and do things for other reasons. Also, portfolios are where your BEST work should go. This would also be where the things you do that you want to show potential clients would go…. just sayin’.

Concluding thought. There are more photographers than models on Craigslist and at some point doing things for free won’t suffice.