Jennifer Langin :Also, tj is stillcheaper than safeway in meat, canned beans, eggs.
So far
Matthew Bodaly :really?
Jennifer Langin :
Yeah. Even milk. 3.29 for 1 gal while tj's is 2.99
Eggs are 2.79 while tj's is 1.79
Regular meat without mention of no hgormones is slightly less, but yuck.
Bread. Oy, ridiculous. 2.50 to 5 dollars a loaf similar to tj's but has preservatives
Tortillas are cheaper as well as orange juice at tj's
Haven't been to fred meyers though
Walking back towards home now... my hip and knee hurts
Apples are def cheaper at the produce stand, melons are close though
We have stuff to throw out
I don't know if the smokies are still good... but yuk
Matthew Bodaly :okee