For Real

I get alot of interesting emails. Here is one of them. Details removed to protect the sillyness:

Just a short note…I have been listening online to [redacted] for the past few months…I usually listen in the morning with my cup of coffee…His teaching is so clear and relevant and is building the GODLY foundation that I was never given.

I plan to walk on a treadmill in the morning and want to use an MP3 player to listen while working out. The MP3 players I’ve seen online have different memory capacities (1 Gig, 2 Gig, 4 Gig and 8 Gig).

I can download one sermon a day, or 5 for the week. I’m not sure which of the above would be sufficient, without overkill.
I want to be a good steward of GOD’s money, so can you please tell me which memory capacity would hold 5 sermons?

My reply:

Dear [redacted],

I would recommend that you get an iPod shuffle for this. You will most likely be able to hold about 120 sermons depending on length on the 4gb player. There really aren’t MP3 players that have the capacity to just hold 5 sermons. The iPod integrates seamlessly with iTunes which offers an excellent interface to automatically download and manage the podcasts you listen to.

For more information, look at this page on the Apple website:

You can also visit your local Apple store to get help setting any of this up or other advice.