Grilled Cheesesteaks

Grill CheeseSteaks

This idea came from a friend we went camping with so all credit for this goes to my friend Jay. This recipe has zero measurements because it makes for a great experiment.

This takes about 15 - 30 min to make… depending on … how fancy you want to do this.

**Ingredients: ** - A pack of roast beef (sliced preferred) - Buns (we used hoagie rolls) - American cheese - an onion … or peppers (if you feel like being fancy) - optional : peppercinis - black pepper - bourbon / brandy / whiskey … pick one. Nothing fancy. - hot sauce - BBQ sauce - american cheese … or cheese.

**Prep: ** Heat a cast iron skillet / griddle / whatever with a little butter. Chop the onion / peppers / peppercinis into pieces. Really no guidelines here. Deseed and julienne the peppercinis.

Saute this mixture on medium or lower in the pan. Add pepper to taste.

Cut / chop the roast beef into chunks. No real size here. You want this to be easy to flip in the pan. Once that is done, set it aside.

Combine the liquor (we’ve used crappy brandy, whiskey, and bourbon in different instances… and the results are pretty much the same), bbq sauce, black pepper, and hot sauce in a small bowl.

**Main Phase: ** Once the onion / pepper mix is sauteed… remove it from the pan and throw the meat in. Add some pepper and turn the heat up to medium if you want. You want to dry the meat a little bit and char the edges. Add the sauce and stir it around. Once the sauce has been coated on the meat, line the meat up and let it sit. This will start to carmelize the bottom and char the edges some more. Depending on how much of this you want, flip it over once or twice (or not at all). When the whole mix is hot, add the american cheese. We picked this since it melts quickly. Once the american cheese touches the pan (less than a minute) from melting a bit, remove it from the pan and put in the bun.

Enjoy and modify. We took some pictures that should help. Any questions?