This is one of the occasions where I talk about stuff I do at work. We recently purchased several Helix boxes from Sierra Wireless. This is some information that I provided to them to be used in a case study.

We have deployed the Helix box to be used as primary connectivity for a mobile campus and emergency connectivity for another campus.

Box 1:
Box 1 is deployed at a campus providing primary connectivity for church services on Sunday because this campus is in a temporary building. At this campus we have the following uses:
Kiosks: We have several kiosks that are used for Internet connectivity to be used with our community networking program, The City and to give basic information about our church. We also have a computer that is used to check in and out kids from our childrens ministry. This prints labels and bar codes that match parents with children as well as assigning a wireless pager.
Other Connectivity: The Helix is also used with our accounting program to transmit donor information.

Box 2:
Box 2 is deployed currently at another campus providing emergency connectivty to a kiosk that is outside of our on campus WiFi network until another solution is implemented.

We were planning to use the onboard VPN with the Helix to network these computers with our corporate network, but we opted to use some custom software paired with LogMeIn to remotely manage and update these computers.

Future plans include us deploying more Helix Boxes as the number of mobile campuses increases.

This is part of our goal to grow to 100 campuses in the next ten years in and outside of the state of Washington.