In which I blog about phones

If you haven’t guessed, I like phones. I have had at one time or another every major phone OS and there was a time in my life when I went through 3 phones a year.

That said, my current primary phone is a Lumia 900 with a backup of an iPhone 3GS. 

I switched to the Windows Phone from Android, for the following reasons:

- it was new at the time. At the time I switched, I also switched carriers so the Windows Phone was one of the better handsets on the market

- less interruptions. Android always was… fiddly. I was always having to change a setting here or change a setting there. Sometimes settings weren’t commonly gathered.

- filtering. Windows phone made it easy to filter out the things on Facebook and Twitter that I didn’t like.

- integration with Zune/Xbox… cuz who doesn’t want that. Actually, it’s turned out pretty well. I’ve tried the other streaming based players and Xbox Music works great on Windows Phone (who would have guessed).

- forced hardware levels. Microsoft sets the bar for what can be on a phone on the hardware size (things like a dedicated camera button, a certain camera resolution, etc) and lets OEM go up from there.

- Gorilla Glass. My Lumia has survived straight drops to concrete with no case. The edge nicked a little bit. I can’t say that about other phones.

I wrote this blog because a bunch of friends asked me about switching (a lot of them on Android). 

Here are some thoughts about switching:

- Check out to see what apps you use the most (like top 3 or 5). Chances are, most of them are on the Windows Phone marketplace.

- Try out a phone at the store. Especially the ones with on screen keyboards. If you are switching from a physical keyboard, make sure you know what you are jumping into. The touchscreens are great, but they are different than physical keys.

That said, Windows Phone isn’t without flaws and here are some just as a heads up:

- third party notifications are sometimes hit and miss (for instance, having twitter notify you on a direct message)

- no Instagram

- you might miss your favorite game. 

Anyways… I love this technology sector because it’s constantly a moving target. Everyone is trying to be better than everyone else… so the things that I wrote as detractions are going to be fixed soon.