MCX vs Managed Profiles


As much as I love managed profiles in OSX, I’ve still had to continue using MCX preferences. I “hear” that there is deprecation to the new mobile profiles setup, but most things still work.

The advantage of using a managed profile is that it can be pushed from Casper. MCX preferences don’t seem to take until a bit of fiddling was done (see below).

Things that I haven’t been able to do with profiles (yet):

  • screensavers
  • MS Office custom settings
  • computer lock settings

My company needs these settings to mirror AD settings on the Mac. After some googling, I found this and will be playing with it a bit: 

Why is this important?

Apple has dropped support for MCX profiles. While I couldn’t find a definitive source on this (yet), Apply usually doesn’t keep two things that do very similar things around.

Some links: (original post I started looking at for screensaver oddness) (talks about 10.8 and MCX / profiles) (talks about some of MCX issues)

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