New Kit

TLDR: The most useful camera to you is the one you have on you.

Recently, I retired all of my Canon gear to backup duty and bought a Fuji XE1. It is now my daily shooter both for jobs and personal work. I love it and it works great for me. I’ve also picked up a film camera … and have yet to get a good shot out of it. Updates on that later.

Yes, I know there is a mirrorless debate … whether the latest batch of mirrorless cameras can compare to the latest version of DSLRs. Yes, I know that DSLRs work great. Yes, mirrorless works great. I’m sidestepping this debate / argument. I’ll be over here taking pictures.

I realized some of my Canon gear was purchased with the idea that “if I have the gear, stuff will happen”… and I’ve been done thinking that way for a while. I wasn’t really able to quantify the “stuff”. I also had the thought that I needed certain gear to do certain work. While that is true for some stuff… I’d rather see it as a challenge.

For me, this change has worked because: - Holding a camera and the hand of a kid … is sometimes complicated - Smaller sized gear has stopped me from hiding behing a plastic box - Video is nice, but not something I’m going to focus on (yet) - The dynamic range is way better than the DSLR that I had (I’m sure there’s better)

Want to watch a video that talks about sensors?

The pictures you have seen the last few weeks have all been taken on the Fuji.