Been working on some personal work for the past few weeks so no new photos (that I can show).

However, I’ve been working on a cool project that has been teaching me bash and programming logic.

It is called RedRover and it is a series of scripts that I am slowly building tools around. Here is the gist of what happens:

  • information is gathered from .bash_history on a per user basis
  • this information is then parsed for key words
  • anything that triggers alerts is then sent to an auditor

The main reason for this program is to run a service outside of the main OSX management software (Casper) that can keep an eye on Casper and make sure that no one tampers with it. Since most users are set as admin, anyone has the ability to tamper.

I have a few additional features that I’ve been working on to make the setup hard to detect and disable, but that’s it for now. Once its in a shareable mode, Ill post a sanitized version.

It’s called RedRover because “Red rover, red rover, send that thing I want right over.”

Music: I’m the One - Single by Soma Music

I’ve been listening to this song a bit over the last few days. It’s got a great message that makes you think.