Rejection isn't so bad

I sometimes reply to gig request on Craigslist. I haven’t gotten any gigs on Craigslist (yet), but I have gotten a couple jobs and sold numerous items, and found an apartment on Craigslist. I have yet to be scammed, although a few people with bad English have tried.

Anyways, I replied to an add requesting some property shots. This is something pretty much out of my league, but the person sent all responders an email with some pointers for why they weren’t chosen.

Here is a quote:

Thanks to all who answered the ad. We have decided on who we would like to hire for the job. 

we received many responses, and to those that we did not pick, here are a few reasons why we didn’t pick you. 

1. You didn’t provide pricing. If you can’t follow a simple instruction like that, why would we want to hire you? 

2. Your pricing was too low. If you place such little value on your work that you charge next to nothing for it, if you don’t value your services why should we? We are trying to SELL an expensive home, and we want it to look great, therefore we’re not afraid to spend a reasonable amount of money to get it sold, and have the photos generate enough interest to get people over here to see it… If they don’t come over here, they’ll never buy it in most cases. 

3. Your portfolio didn’t have any comparable homes, or it didn’t have any real examples of this type of photography at all. If you haven’t got any good examples, you’re probably an amateur, and thats not what we asked for. 

4. You offered to do the job for free in exchange for helping you build up your portfolio. Again, we are trying to SELL this home, so why would we want to waste our time allowing an amateur to “practice” on our home and hope the photos look like what we want? 

5. The quality of your work really wasn’t that impressive. If you’re not experienced in this type of work, why would you apply for something like this?
[redacted section where he recommends reading a book]
Not to be mean, but, if you’re not making a real profit at what you’re doing, you’re not only undermining yourself and your future success, but you’re also destroying the business for others. If you value your photos so cheaply, nobody will ever pay you more than that for them. If you’re not experienced at the job at hand, work as an apprentice for an established photographer, get the experience required, build up your portfolio that way, and then you’ll have examples and experience enough to be hired, and at a price that will not demean and undercut others. Your success does not depend on other’s failure, so quoting a cheap price is only hurting yourself if you accept meager pay for good work…. If your work isn’t up to par, improve it or find another job. Don’t whore out the business just because you want the experience, and if your work is not up to par nobody’s going to hire you anyway…. 

Thanks for all your responses……

I sent him a thank you note for his reply.Then, he sent me a reply:

Everybody has to start somewhere, and nobody is born doing this kind of work, so you just need to get a portfolio together that will attract the work you want to do…   You really should look to find that book at the library, or at a used bookstore, and just read those 2 sections I mentioned….    Also, your prices are waaay too low….   The best photographer we chose is charging 700.00 for this job…   Don’t give your work away, or nobody will value it…   

Good luck…


I’ll be looking for areas and ways to practically up my skills in the next few months.