Removing a home folder from the dock in OSX

First off…. I love synched home folders. I can essentially sync everything that isn’t in the corporate image to the corporate file server just like any Windows user.

However… there are some users that this doesn’t help out. Namely, if you are never near a file server, the connection attempts just get in the way of logging into the computer.

I ended up getting a few complaints because, instead of timing out, a popup would be displayed that had to be clicked saying “xxx resource not available”.

So…. after a bunch of Googling and reading I figured out how to fix it. The fix is two part (at least for me)

Part 1: Remove the Home Folder from the AD bind settings:

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on Users & Groups
  • Unlock the panel with an admin username and password
  • Click on Login Options
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Open Directory Utility
  • Unlock the panel with an admin username and password
  • Double click on Active Directory
  • Click on the arrow next to Advanced Options
  • Uncheck “Use UNC path…”
  • Click on OK.

Part 2: Adjust the PLIST for your Active Directory Settings. I found information about this here:

  • copy /Library/Preferences/OpenDirectory/Configurations/Active Directory/DOMAINNAME.plist to your Desktop
  • change the permissions of the file so you can edit it and open in Text Wrangler or Text Edit.
  • Find the key: AddDockMCXOriginalNetworkHomeFolder
  • Delete that key
  • Drag the file back to /Library/Preferences/OpenDirectory/Configurations/Active Directory/ (you will likely have to authenticate as your user here)
  • Restart your computer

That does it. To undo this, unbind the computer and rebind it.

I use Casper to do a lot of this automatigically so I saved a copy of the PLIST file and created a policy to deploy it.