Spare Change?

I get asked this question alot. I get asked this question alot by the same people. Also, I give the same answer: “No Sorry”.

I’m actually lying. It’s not that I don’t have any spare change, I dont have any change to spare or I don’t prepare myself to be asked that question by putting money in my pocket that I can give away.

I know alot of people who live on the street are just slacking off and don’t want to better themselves, but that doesn’t excuse the attitude I have when I’m asked if I could spare some change.

I started thinking about this when a homeless guy asked me for directions and I just brushed him off because I didn’t want to give him directions. Then I got convicted about the issue, looked it up on my smart phone, walked back and showed him where to go. He was looking for a job site.

If I say I want to be generous, why is there this discrepancy? What does generosity look like if it’s not money? Why do I automatically say no to people without listening to them?

Just something I was thinking about yesterday. This isn’t meant to be a discussion about homelessness or laziness on other peoples part, but thinking about where my motives are.