Thought Experiment 1

TLDR: I’m working on a new personal project.

I’ve been really busy lately. Almost too busy. Some of this is my own doing and some of it… is just me being super distracted. It’s a tension and I realize this.

This title isn’t original to me. A friend of mine mentioned doing a “thought experiment” to bring up a discussion on a specific topic. This immediately clicked in my head with what has been rolling around for my next personal project.

Experiment: How do I show thought?

I’ve been a photographer for years now and so much of what I have done both professionally and personally has been focused on happy smiling faces or slack / sexy faces. For this, I’m done with that. I’m going to try something else for this personal project.

Why experiment? Thinking about this project this way has helped me realize that the end goal might change and that I can be super critical of myself during the process and invite others to be critical. After all, the process of learning is valuable. I also look forward to learning more about myself and others around me.

You have seen some hints of this project : Among others.

I’ve done a few things different from other shoots which has helped bring focus: - I’ve asked those modeling to bring something they generally wouldn’t bring to something like this. Nothing weird, just something else - I’ve taken the picture right after asking a question. Picturing the immediate reaction / thought.

Hypothesis: Picture the reaction to a question.

Has someone else already done this? Probably, but I’m interested in figuring this out for myself instead of reading about someone else doing it. Stay tuned. Or, join in?