What emotions should be shown on Facebook?

What do you think of when someone posts sad pictures (or any emotion that isn’t a happy one) on a social media site? Do you like it or…. offer an e-hug? What if the picture is designed to make you think and ponder?

I was thinking about this today and realized I hadn’t posted a few pictures from a shoot because just liking a picture … or throwing up a thumbs up (or whatever your site has for a “click because I saw this”) to a picture that is meant to provoke thought doesn’t seem like the best way to respond to something that requires more than 5 seconds of thought.

While you might “like” it or “heart” it… does the meaning of the artist actually get conveyed when the only ways to respond are clicking on something or typing in “love it”?

I’m still going to be posting things to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc… these tools are great for showcasing work, but there will be other things this year that will likely only be seen on walls or where you can interact in person.

Feel free to reply here or in person. I could be totally off base when thinking about this… or not. I also don’t like that these types of sites only primarily show one range of emotions when so many exist.